Thời đại công nghiệp 4.0 - Nhà máy Bia thông minh

Nhà máy Bia thông minh – Tương lai trong thời đại công nghiệp 4.0

The 6th Annual Conference of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Ho Chi Minh City (STEMCON 6) with the theme “Industry 4.0 and STEM – People will be the key to success and competitiveness took place at Sheraton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City. East Asia University of Technology (EAUT), POLYCO Group contributed the topic “Smart Brewery – a typical exemplar for future factories in industry 4.0.

The conference attracted attention of the public, leaders of the government, industry, universities and leading experts in the fields of training, technology transfer and technology of Vietnam and internationally to attend and report. Conference topics include trend towards digitization, development of entrepreneurial thinking, preparation of students from primary to high school before pursuing Stem at the university and the relationship work out.


POLYCO Group and East Asia University of Technology have contributed to the conference on ” Smart Brewery – a typical exemplar for future factories in industry 4.0” for the topic of realization industry 4.0 – The subject is closely relates to the current strength of EAUT training such as Control – Automation Engineering Technology, Electrical – Electronics Engineering Technology, Food Technology, Machine Technology , Information Technology etc.

This is also the topic and project is being implemented by POLYCO Group for the SABECO Beer Factory. The trend of digitalisation of the factory is indispensable in order to improve quality, increase competitiveness and effectively connect production stages. Simultaneously, optimize resources and take advantage of the IoT platform and Big Data.

With the success of applying manufacturing management systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and industrial automation (DCS), the plant will be equipped with more features, newer, flexible, systematized functions to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

The participation of POLYCO Group, East Asia University at STEMCON is an opportunity for the scientists of the university and Group to introduce the smart brewery project – “Realization of the industry 4.0” and be able to connect, interact with experts in many different areas.

 “Smart Brewery – A typical exemplar for future factories in industry 4.0 ” project is a research project devoted to research and the desire to contribute to industry 4.0 from the university and Group. This work has a great significance contributing to enhancing the position of POLYCO Group, East Asia University of Technology in particular and 4.0 countries in general.


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