Xây Dựng Và Mở Rộng Mô Hình Đào Tạo Thực Hành Ứng Dụng Hiện Đại – ĐH Công Nghệ Đông Á

In order to serve the practical application training, it is expected that by the end of 2017 East Asia University of Technology will commence the construction of a 10-storey building with a floor area of over 1000m2 at the practical training facility in the southern district of Tu Liem, Hanoi.

A panorama of practical training facilities in Hanoi (3.6 ha wider)

In general, the situation of material facilities and training equipment in many universities and colleges in Vietnam still has many shortcomings, weaknesses, investment in equipment is not synchronous and there are many obstacles and constraints. Regarding financial mechanisms and limits, the practice facilities and equipment of many schools have not yet met the standard of training equipment, causing many inadequacies, affecting the process of economic integration of Vietnam. to countries in the world.

According to the Ministry of Education, a survey of 5,572 laboratories of universities and colleges, only 22.5% of laboratories have good equipment, 19% of laboratories have modern technology, mainly of Top Universities. Many laboratories and practice workshops of universities and colleges now meet about 40% of the demand of students.

10-storey building model image (right)

As one of the non-public universities with geographic advantages and the sponsorship of Polyco Group, East Asia Technology University has two training institutions, located in two major cities of Bac Ninh and Ha Noi. Cabinet. Keeping up with the trend of advanced university training in the world, the head of the East Asia University of Technology is always aware of the importance of investing in facilities, laboratories, practice workshops, It will greatly support the quality of the school’s training, especially for a highly practical training school.

By the end of 2017, East Asia University of Technology will continue to expand its practical training infrastructure in Hanoi to meet the annual student population as well as for teaching and scientific research. . The entire classroom system in the new building will be airy, clean, air-conditioned, two-way air conditioner, projector, modern rooms, multimedia room, Stabilizing and enabling students to access the internet anytime, anywhere, combining a library with more than 10,000 books on management, economics, engineering, soft skills, and textbooks. Rescue practice … support scientific research, exploration, discovery of students.

Interestingly, EAUT students will have the opportunity to practice together and work in the Polyco Group’s pure water factory located on the second floor of the building. This promises to be the place to help children expand their vision, improve business skills when learning is attached to reality.

Apart from paying attention to the quality of training, the demand of student life is also one of the points that the school always cares about, students will be able to attend events, seminars, talkshow in the hall with a capacity of 600 People, mini supermarkets, canteens catering to the needs of dining and entertainment, ensuring the health of students. There is a basement for students to send their vehicles, ensuring the safety of their transportation. It is expected that after 2 years of building will be put into use, both buildings will be able to meet the training scale of 8,000-10,000 students and students attending the school.

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