Thiết Kế Phát Triển Khu Thực Hành Hiện Đại Tại Bắc Ninh

Thiết Kế Phát Triển Khu Đào Tạo Thực Hành Hiện Đại Tại Bắc Ninh

Overcoming many difficulties and challenges from 2008 to now East Asia technology university is still growing strongly. Apart from the well-practiced training center in Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, the place originating in Vo Cuong, Bac Ninh has always been focused and developed.

Throughout the development and development stages, East Asia University of Technology has been transforming itself to make a difference, with specific strengths and criteria for practical training. , multidisciplinary areas are constantly innovating to fit international integration.

Toàn cảnh mô hình đầy đủ đại học công nghệ đông á ( cơ sở Bắc Ninh )

In addition to the spacious practice facility in Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi School is investing in parallel to expand the facility in Vo Cuong, Bac Ninh. Bac Ninh facility with a total area of 8 hectares, has more than 6000m2 put into use, a separate building with classroom system, lecture hall with large capacity for training specialized knowledge and room areas. administration, student work. Surrounding the building is the freshness in the harmony of space, fresh and green trees. Students are encouraged to relax, take a walk, have fun or have fun on campus.

In order to serve the practical teaching, the school’s management has set up a workshop of 7000m2 more practical than the Hanoi campus, this workshop will be completed in November. Production, practice, students will have the opportunity to both learn and improve skills. The highlight of the expanded design is the upcoming school complex that promises to be a suitable urban design not only for students but for teachers including sports facilities, swimming pool, common ground for club activities, etc. They can study, pursue their personal interests and cultivate soft skills through extra-curricular events.

From the advanced learning model, many bundles of scholarships encourage, support disadvantaged students, have good academic achievements such as Polyco Scholarship full scholarship. Especially with the enthusiasm of Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Thuan – Chairman of POLYCO Group – Principal of East Asia University of Technology, with many scientific research works, who has won many noble awards. State: First Class Labor Medal, Ho Chi Minh Prize for Science and Technology, Vifotec First Prize, National Emulation Champion in 2014, … and many certificates of merit from the Government of Hanoi. year by year. This is a proud recognition for East Asia University of Technology to continue to develop the career of planting people, to train generations of skilled, talented and talented students to build the country. Nam on a prosperous.

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