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Qua rồi thời học thực hành trên giấy vở và bút chép

The forthcoming global industrial revolution has brought about many changes in life and socio-economic conditions, and also posed huge challenges for Vietnam’s education sector in training its sources. Human resources meet the new needs of the era: “Through the years of learning on paper and notebooks”

When the school shake hands with the business

Pham Thai Lai, President and CEO of Siemens Vietnam and Laos, signed a cooperation agreement with Mr. Dinh Van Thanh – General Director of Polyco Group – Vice Rector of East Asia University of Technology
Most recently, on November 16, the Digital Process Industries Training Center (Digital Process Industries), a result of cooperation between Polyco, East Asia University of Technology and Siemens aimed at The goal is to equip students, future engineers from industry companies with practical knowledge and skills, to update the latest technology to meet today’s digitization needs. The presence of this center is the clearest manifestation of the transformation of the university in shortening the gap between theory and practice, bringing the training knowledge in the school closer to the needs of social enterprise.

According to Mr. Dinh Van Thanh, General Director of Polyco Group, Vice Rector of East Asia University of Technology, “The training center was born at the right time” Transforming the education system with technology “. The University of Technology is working hard. Technology has been present in all aspects of education, in conjunction with training activities. To be able to catch up on and utilize current technologies, trainers need to be ready to change in order to find the right direction. ”

The digitization training center at East Asia University of Technology has applied Siemens automation and digitization technologies adapted to different training models to meet the needs of today’s education. . This cooperation has helped East Asia University of Technology to create more job opportunities for students in the future and close the cycle of recruitment – training – employment.

So when the school “shake hands” business, this cooperation contributes to improve the capacity and professional level of training in schools, contributing to bring practical learning values ​​for learners. Through the cooperation with businesses, schools improve the quality of training as well as find the rich output for learners, thereby enhancing the prestige of the school before the requirements of enterprises in society.

When the business is the same school

Ribbon cutting inaugurated the modern digital automatic practice room
Manufacturers who want to make their production lines faster, more flexible and more productive while shortening production time and time to market. In addition, product quality must be ensured along with cost optimization. This has created a pressing need for research and training for users, systems integrators, training institutions, etc., to meet the demand for rapid updating of knowledge and application in the production process. present.

When enterprises accompany training establishments, enterprises create opportunities for students to penetrate right from the course of study, when students go to school faster, less time or re-training. The enterprise assesses the ability, capacity and quality of students while they are still in school, enhancing the right and opportunity to choose and use quality labor force, It then solves the problem of human resources.

For the purpose of “learning to work”, enhancing practical skills is the way many universities choose and apply. Because of that, business cooperation is promoted by the schools. However, if only the consensus and effort from the school and business alone is not enough, in order to have high quality human resources, skilled workmanship itself learners also need to study effort, grasp opportunities, practical enhancements, practices, and first of all the opportunities offered by the school.

Some pictures at the recent cooperation between the East Asia University of Technology – Polyco Group – SIEMENS

Ms. Duong Huong Ly – Director of Communications, Siemens Vietnam Co., Ltd. is exchanging at the signing ceremony


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