Mở rộng hợp tác giáo dục với Đức thêm cơ hội việc làm sinh viên - EAUT

Mở rộng hợp tác giáo dục với Đức thêm cơ hội việc làm sinh viên

East Asia University of Technology has the meeting with F+U Group from Federal Republic of Germany. This event expands cooperation with partner in Germany, give more chances of stuyding and working for students of East Asia University of Technology.

The representatives from EAUT includes: Dr.Dinh Van Thanh – Vice Rector, Dr. Nguyen Van Chung – Vice Rector, Dr.Ding Phuong Thao – Vice Retor cum Director of International Cooperation and Training Institute as well as carders from related departments.

Mr.Herbert Schlaeger expressed his pleasure and good faith, he has expected to cooperate and expand eductation with East Asia University of Technology in general speaking and International Cooperation and Training Institute in particular speaking.

“Known as a private education group, F+U is one of the biggest education providers in Germany with over 500 education programs at 18 education foundations and over the area of Federal Republic of Germany.” – Mr.Quang said.

On the behalf of the board of school, Dr.Dinh Van Thanh has clearly stated coopreration according to 2+2 model for two majors: economics and engineering. Students will study 04 terms at East Asia University of Technology, then 04 terms in Germany. The advantage of this model, students are free of charge while studying in Germany as sponsored by enterprises with two degrees. After finishing graduation, students will be instroduced jobs and have a chance of permanent living in Germany. Income requirements for students: B1 German language certificate and test for basic according majors.

Dr.Dinh Phuong Thao has raised out some requests for the partner like: more information about cooperation program: 2+2 training frame, lecturers, fee and legal documents for recuirements and events in Now.

In the coming time, both parties will agree and deploy MOU as background for further cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, F+U visit infrastructure of East Asia University of Technology and Polyco factory – for internship of EAUT’s students.

The visit and meeting of F+U at EAUT as a new milestone for international activities at University as well as Institute over Eroupean market and many feasible chances for inter training.

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