Mở rộng hợp tác giáo dục ngành Điều dưỡng - đón tiếp Tập đoàn Azurit Hansa - EAUT

Mở rộng hợp tác giáo dục ngành Điều dưỡng – đón tiếp Tập đoàn Azurit Hansa

Azurit Hansa Group has visited and worked at East Asia University of Technology with The Board of School on 17th Oct 2018.

The participants from Azurit Hansa include: Mr. Steffen Krakhardt – Chairman, The owner of the group, Mr. Peter Huber – In charge of infrastructure in Bravia & Ms. Lena kauth – Project Manager in Vietnam. The representatives of East Asia University of Technology include: Dr. Dinh Van Thanh – Vice Rector, Dr.Nguyen Van Chung – Vice Rector as well as the representatives related departments.

Both sides expect cooperation in the coming time in terms of nursery. On behalf of Azurit Hansa Group, Mr. Steffen Krakhardt has introduced about Group as well as activities and programs carried out in Viet Nam. “Azurit Hansa Group – a private nursery group inluding 80 nursing homes covering all Germany area, requirements for income students around 150 students/year. Group has admitted many Vietnamese students arriving to learn and work. In the near future, they wish to cooperate with Vietnamese partners to build up 2+2 program major in nursery. It’s a good chance for students studying overseas and working after graduation.” – The Chairman said.

“We are going to plan recruitment strategy as the first step for Nursery major. The proposal of 2+2 training program from Group is very reasonable. Students will clearly see studying pathways and career after graduation.”  Dr.Dinh Van Thanh – Vice Rector said. Meanwhile, both sides discuss how to match syllabus of East Asia University of Technology and Azurit Hansa Group and internship requirements of Group. The Chairman of Group is willing to support textbook as well as teachers so that Vietnamese students get knowledge and basic skills for nursery.

At the end, both parties will draw up MOU about key points of the meeting. It’s an important step leading commitment of both parties  in the near future. The meeting has been successful and promise more opportunities for both parties.

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