Tọa đàm “Công nghiệp 4.0 - Xu thế, tác động và định hướng"

Tọa đàm “Công nghiệp 4.0 – Xu thế, tác động và định hướng

On the afternoon of April 6, in Hanoi, the Youth Ministry of Industry and Trade held a conference on “Industry 4.0 – Trend, Impact and Orientation”.

Facing the wave of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Vietnam is expected to create more growth opportunities for local businesses. However, there are still challenges in the face of the effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

At the seminar “Industry 4.0 – Trend, Impact and Orientation” organized by Youth Union of Ministry of Industry and Trade with the participation of Dr. Dinh Van Thanh – General Director of Polyco Company – Vice Rector East Asia University of Technology

Speaking on the talk, TS. Dinh Van Thanh has a very practical sharing of the beginning of the industrial revolution 4.0 at Polyco Group and East Asia University of Technology. Polyco Group has invested and changed the current status of the factory to intelligent factory with data digitized, integrated enterprise management system by EPR software, MES according to international standards. At East Asia University of Technology, the school promotes investment in the quality of teaching and facilities to provide quality human resources that are well-trained in professional qualifications and skills. Automation, Food Technology, Electronics, Refrigeration, Information Technology, Machine Mechanics … This is one of the best human resource development platforms and directions for the revolution. Industrial 4.0

Reaching the opportunities and addressing the challenges of the industrial revolution 4.0, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has actively deployed various groups of solutions. In particular, attention should be paid to deploying such solutions as building and perfecting the system of policies and institutions in the direction of reviewing and integrating the contents of strengthening the capacity to approach and apply the achievements of the public revolution. Industry 4.0 in the development strategies and policies of the Industry and Trade; To review, amend and propose new mechanisms and policies to create conditions for enterprises to absorb and develop new production technologies.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also plans to support enterprises to access and quickly absorb, develop technologies of industrial revolution 4.0; to raise the technological application capability of state management agencies in industry and trade; Promote the research and application of science and technology and human resources development in the industry to meet the requirements of the industrial revolution 4.0.

East Asia University of Technology

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