You can apply to EAUT by two ways:

The first method: Based on High School record

  • High School Certification
  • Classification: From Good
  • Admission mark: From 18

How to calculate mark: Total mark of 3 subjects including 12th grade or average mark of 5 terms (the first term of 10th grade to the first term of 12th grade) minimum is 18.


The second method: Based on National High School Exam 2018

  • Pass High School Exam
  • Classification: From Good
  • Expected mark: 17

You can choose one of the following ways:

  • The first method: Directly call 046.262.7796 , press button 1  
  • The second method: Directly call hotline: 096.133.6401
  • The third method: Online register here


For more details, please access to the following address:

1.Transfer among training facilities of EAUT?

Please write application of transferring with signature of management unit, send to Education Department then EAUT will approve

2.Leaving or entering EAUT

Please write application with signature of  Rector with score record from the beginning of academic year until time of leaving. Send to EAUT and EAUT will approve

Address to send documents:

East Asia University of Technology

5th floor, Polyco Group, Tran Huu Duc street, Nam Tu Liem district, Ha Noi

Hotline: 0246.262.7796 or 096.133.6401


Monthly tuition for academic year 2018 – 2019 of East Asia University of Technology as follows:

  • Undergraduate: 1.100.000VND/month. Equal to: 11.000.000VND/year
  • College: 700.000 VND/month. Equal to: 7.000.000VND/year

Inter – college transfer: 900.000VND/month. Equal to: 9.000.000/year

East Asia University of Technology offer partial and full scholarships for

students who get provincial, national awards about cultural, sports, music.

East Asia University of Technology offers scholarships in the following three categories:

Scholarship I:

– 100% of the first year’s tuition fee will be awarded to new students who meet one of the following conditions: Pass the national high school examination of 22 points or more (without multiplying coefficient)

– Or students will be awarded the following prizes: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Literature, Biology, History and Geography at the provincial level (or Consolation prize)

Scholarship II:

– Offering one of the 30%, 50%, 100% tuition fees for the first year for high school students with excellent career orientation. The specific level is selected and approved by the Board of Administration.

Scholarship III:

– Donate a scholarship worth VND2, 000,000 to students who achieve the highest grade in each school year (based on the final grade).

– They will be reduced tuition and exempted tuition

– EAUT will carry out full of policies as the State for students of policies (wounded soldiers, fallen children)

– Base 1: University Village, Vo Cuong Ward, Bac Ninh City, Tel: 046.262.7796
– Base 2: The 5th floor, Polyco Group, CN1 Road, Tu Liem Industrial Zone, Nam Tu Liem District, Ha Noi. Tel: 046.262.7796

AT THE BASE ONE: East Asia University of Technology, Vo Cuong Ward, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh Province

+ For students:

Dormitory for 6 to 8 people

Fee: 120,000VND/person; Electricity fee: 2,000VND/number, Water: free

Accommodation around far away 600m, fee from 600.000 – 800.000VND, area: 10-12m2

AT THE BASE TWO: East Asia University of Technology, Polyco Group, CN1 Road, Nam Tu Liem Industrial Zone, Ha Noi

+ For students:

East Asia Technology University cooperates closely with My Dinh dormitory. The area of each room at the My Dinh dormitory is 45m2 for 6 students. Average occupancy is more than 7m2 / student wide than the average 4m2 / student of other dormitories.

East Asia University of Technology enhances employment opportunities for students during and after their studies at the university. Forms of work include: short-term, long-term work; Summer internship program paid in Japan; Recruit personnel after graduation.

. Short-term, long-term: students have the opportunity to receive more suitable work and study at the school and at the enterprises under the cooperation program of recruiting students of the school, enjoy the level more attractive salary, increased income, and help students enhance practical skills.

. Summer Internship Program in Japan: Students have the opportunity to increase their personal income, improve their working skills in the professional working environment of Japan. Work time occurs during the summer holidays of the school year.

. Recruiting staff after graduation: Graduates with good academic degrees are introduced to work in enterprises under the cooperation program of recruiting students have been signed.

A private one sponsored by Polyco Group

Currently, EAUT has 10 majors including 3 economic majors and 7 technical majors. Please kindly see more details by Study Program

Admission registration method for candidates:

Admission registration: Click here

Once the information is available, the school will review the information provided by the school. If recruited, the Admissions Committee will contact you again and guide you how to complete the paperwork.

There are 7 priority objects, please find more information in Regulations of adding mark for priority objects 2018

– EAUT has carried out working – studying term for all students to change and improve teaching method for students in order to create bachelors in future with full of capacity and also confirm quality of the university

– This term is compulsory for all students of East Asia University ooff Technology

– Purpose of this term is to enhance ability of knowledge, acquire working style of many big companies and big groups. So, any majors students study, this term is so meaningful

By applying online, we can understand about your capacity and advise you to choose right major. After that, in case, you meet requirements online, you just need to bring high school record, graduate certification